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Pelco Digital Sentry Pelco Digital Sentry

From software-only video management to the all new network video recorder, Digital Sentry delivers a tested and reliable solution for your recording needs. Explore the opportunities of IP video security with a full-featured, free copy of DS NVS software and its free Pelco IP camera licenses. Or choose the high-performance of the recently introduced DS NVR and its hybrid recording capabilities.

The New Digital Sentry Network Video Recorder provides all the power you need to maximize HD recording and leverage existing analog investments. With 280 Mbps bandwidth, support for up to 128 IP streams, increased storage options and built-in reliability, this powerful new platform delivers more HD capability than ever before. Maximize the performance of analog cameras and extend your existing analog investment with hybrid capability. The New Digital Sentry can accommodate up to 64 analog cameras at D1 resolution and full frame rate. Simplify and optimize your video security platform and choose the New Digital Sentry as your one-stop solution for all the HD and analog recording power you need.

For those security professionals looking for a software-only solution, DS NVs is the ultimate choice, providing an IT-focused approach to manage video for multiple locations from a single client workstation. And best of all, DS NVs can be downloaded from our web site free of charge and comes with four free licenses for Pelco IP cameras or encoders. That is an unbeatable combination: Add the unsurpassed image quality of SarixSpectra IP and Camclosure IP with the flexibility and performance of DS NVs for an unbeatable IP or IP migration solution.

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