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Entryphone and Intercoms


Viscount Systems Inc. has been designing security systems since 1969. Viscount's products have been installed in approximately 35,000 sites in over 30 countries including multi-family highrises, schools, prisons, hospitals, and corporate offices.

Viscount’s entered the security market with Enterphone, patented in 1965. Enterphone was the first telephone entry intercom system, now on its sixth generation with the introduction of EPX in 2008. Over 2 million North Americans live in the 30,000 apartment buildings secured by Enterphone.

In 2003, Viscount released MESH. MESH is a comprehensive software based security system with applications for telephone entry, card access, building directories, alarm, and video. The capabilities of MESH continue to expand with the introduction of MESH Version 7 in 2009.

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