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Video Analytics

Mango DSP

Mango DSP, Inc is a global leader of Intelligent Video Solutions providing video encoding appliances and intelligent video analytics.

Mango DSP products lead the Intelligent video encoding server market with Multi-channel (1, 2, 4, 8, 16 and 60),Rugged, Embedded, DSP-based, Video Analytic powered appliances as well as Mango’s Video Stabilization & All-in-One License Plate Recognition (LPR) solutions. Mango products are specifically designed for the Homeland Security, Utility, Transportation, Gaming, Retail and other Critical Infrastructure segments of the video surveillance market as well as an OEM provider to top-tier manufacturers and defense contractors. Mango’s intelligent video server appliances are powered by our advanced patent IVS software. This utilizes complex video algorithms enabling a standard plug in to 3rd party systems (i.e. video stabilization, license plate recognition, video content analysis, video encoding and filters).

Mango DSP offers advanced Behavior With Video Content Analysis (VCA) technology from Mate Intelligent Video that provides real time proactive video/IP analytics. Mate offers 13 analytic libraries for Behavior Video Analytics (ie: object left behind, video motion detection, path detection, loitering, etc.) and for Business Intelligence (people & vehicle counting).  Our extensive experience in the video analytics field has led to advancements in simplifying analytic deployments and a unique Rule Dependency feature that combines multiple detection rules using Boolean logic to allow simple efficient custom detection scenarios and focused alarms. Leveraging an open architecture, Mate’s server and edge based appliance solutions are functional hybrids accommodating either IP or analog cameras and integrate easily into any network topology as well as popular Video Management Systems (VMS).

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