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Entryphone and Intercoms

Entryphone Systems:

There are three types of condo apartment entryphone systems we recommend for BC, Alberta or Ontario for multi-tenant and single building applications, each with their own benefits and applications. All entryphones come in many different types from single line to multi line LCD, monochrome and colour, hands-free or handset operation. The entryphones also come in a variety of finishes, the most common is brushed stainless but is also available in chrome, brass and many other painted finishes.

Dialer Entryphone Panel

This type of entryphone system uses a standard telephone line to communicate to the resident. This is the most common system you that will find being installed. They are the most economical for buildings over 150 suites. The added benefit is that the entryphone system can be programmed to call any phone number. Therefore tenants that use cell phones and do not have landline can still answer the front door.

No Phone Bill Interface (NSL)

The system will use a no phone bill interface, which allows the panel to operate without generating monthly phone bills. This system uses the existing phone lines in the building and has the ability to generate a distinct ring on the tenants phone. It also has the ability to generate Call Waiting so that if the tenant is on the phone the person at the main doors will not get a busy signal. Due to the extra labour and equipment required this system is rarely used over 150 suites.

Intercom Systems

These systems are found in older buildings with dedicated telephone handsets usually located in the front hall of the suite. All of the cabling is then run down to the main panel located in the telephone room. The disadvantage is the large installation cost to run cabling to the proprietary handsets in each suite. The advantage of this in a small building is video monitor handsets to camera control can be installed giving you the ability of controlling the angle of the camera.

System Programming via Keypad or Optional Software

The entryphones have 2 ways of programming the LCD screens, one is with the keypad and the other is with software. The software is a WindowsTM based system with an audit trail of the tenants who have granted access to the premise. When a building has elevator control the software is also able to program the system to release only the floor that a visitor is visiting. All other floors except the lobby will be locked off, this will allow the visitors to exit to the lobby to exit the premise