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Security Project - Ontario

Comfield Management

ComField Management Services

CIS has partnered with ComField Management Services to provide security consultaion and to address all security concerns.

ComField Management Services Inc. was established in 2004 and evolved from CFDI, our parent company, which has been successfully managing a variety of residential properties in Greater Toronto Area since 1995. ComField Management Services Inc. specializes in condominium and commercial property management. During 2012, the number of units under ComField’s management grew by approximately 1000 and with similar forecasts in 2013, ComField has an exciting future. ComField provides condominium property management services to our owner residents and tenants using a range of qualified professionals, comprised Registered Condominium Managers (RCM) and Certified Property Managers (CPM). The Principals and staff have worked hard to achieve and maintain a reputation that upholds our commitment to service and satisfaction. ComField is professionally recognized and is recognized as an ACMO 2000 company and is a proud member of The Canadian Condominium Institute (CCI).

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