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Burglary Alarms

With our ULC installations, CIS will install and service all types of alarms. Our Vancouver Alarm monitoring service at our local 24-hour ULC Central Station takes programmed corrective action to notify authorities when an alarm occurs on devices such as:

  • Fire Alarms
  • Elevators Phones
  • Evacuation systems
  • Burglary
  • Temperature Levels
  • Water Levels
  • Life Safety

Earthquakes and catastrophes. With monitoring redundancy built in, your account will not suffer interruption, ensuring continuing service in backup stations across the nation.” 24/365 days.

Any alarm system is only as good as the speed and quality of response action it triggers when an alarm condition exists. CIS uses Counterforce to provide this service and are located in Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto providing 24-hour-a-day manned monitoring for all types of CIS Alarm Systems, and are approved as such by the Underwriters' Laboratories of Canada. Here, alarm signals from banks, offices, warehouses, manufacturing plants, retail stores and residences are received via high security signal channels or standard telephone lines. Each signal is encoded as to the type of emergency (intrusion, personal emergency/hold-up, fire, sprinkler system, etc.) enabling the Alarm Control to instantly notify the appropriate authorities, be they the Police, Fire Department, a Guard, or other designated party, on a 24-hour basis.

CIS is a recognized leader in the supply, installation and service of electronic security equipment, which provides a number of levels of telephone line "tamper-proofing", providing high security lines, which are virtually impossible to compromise.


  • 45 full-time employees, 32 operators and customer service
  • 6500 calls per day on Meridian Option 21 telephone system
  • 80% of all alarms are responded to within 20 seconds
  • Software and PBX controlled multi-processing IBM RS/6000 computer with complete software and hardware redundancy
  • 3 levels of power- Hydro, 8 hours back-up - UPS, 72 hours back-up generator
  • Database integrity assured by full daily back-ups
  • All transactions are recorded including how many rings each incoming caller hears before pick-up, how long it takes to respond to alarm, who is contacted and when, and what their instructions were

Audible recordings are also made of every call to customer or authorities