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Access Control

In its simplest sense, access control is the management of WHO goes WHERE and WHEN. Persons are uniquely identified through an access card or fob, and will be able to enter only at assigned doors and days/times.

An access control system identifies each person by means of a card or fob, which is presented to a reader located at the entrance to each access-controlled area. The system automatically grants or rejects access to the area, depending on the access rights you have set up.

The access rights you set up are automatically downloaded to the control units which perform all local access decisions without PC control.

The access control solutions that CIS provides features so of the most flexible and easy to use of any system that is currently available. The user interface provides flexibility without complexity, enabling sophisticated access rights to be set up quickly and easily to match each card holder’s individual needs.

Some of the more user friendly features provided by the access control system are, the ability to use access codes to create a library of access rights, help you to save time, reduce administration overheads, react more quickly to required changes and customize the system to your exact requirements.

Additional functionally include:

  • Controls the doors and times each person can gain access
  • Sets up a library of access rights – allows easy selection of access rights
  • Different access rights can apply to different doors, elevator floors, times, days and holidays
  • Easy setup and modification of access rights using graphical tree views
  • Reader groups make it quick to allocate the same access rights to several readers in one operation
  • Time codes allow access times to be defined and modified with ease
  • Bulk changes to access rights are straightforward to implement, and are ideal for government organizations, colleges and companies of any size
  • Badge designs can have default access rights, making access rights assignment automatic with badge selection
  • Comprehensive alarm monitoring and reporting